Majorcan Monastery hosts Concerts

Historical Houses in Felanitx Majorca

The most prominent feature of the small town of Felanitx on the island of Mallorca is certainly an imposing one. Felanitx is a thriving town in the south of the island, 12 miles north east of Palma but perched on the top of a 510m high hill on the outskirts of the town is the stunning Monastery of Sant Salvador.

Just over a mile from…

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Old Rock in Lindos Rhodes

Sea just off the coast of Lindos

The features that attract people to the Greek island of Rhodes include the weather, the beaches, high quality resorts and a typically warm welcome. These are all things that other locations can claim but very few have the history of Rhodes and a place like Lindos shows that side of Rhodes very well.

The medieval buildings look perfectly preserved and…

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Palma de Mallorca – Balearics – Part 1

Malloeca Cathedral

An intoxicating coastline of white sandy beaches plus top restaurants and clubs, Palma is a mecca for the traveller who appreciates the very best of everything. The capital of the Balearic Islands, Palma is upmarket, eternally chic, and perfectly suited for walking as it’s compact and navigable for pedestrians.

Couples Love Palma and Families Do, Too:

Although romantic Palma is an exquisite break for couples, it’s also an outstanding…

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Larnaca – Cyprus – Part 1

Larnaca Marina

With an abundance of ancient ruins, rich cultural traditions and panoramic beaches, Larnaca is an irresistable holiday destination. Holidaying in Larnaca means never having to choose between a beach vacation and a cultural experience because Larnaca is blessed with both: truly magnificent beaches and some of the ancient world’s most riveting historical sites.

Larnaca is a city literally built on ruins and is one of the oldest…

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Bodrum – Turkey – Part 1

Bodrum Marina

The imposing crusader Castle of St Peter sits atop this Turkish city while yachts quietly hum in the ancient harbor below which spans not one but two crescent shaped bays. Bodrum has long been a tourist magnet for its heady mix of east and west. But there are still unspoilt parts of this Mediterranean jewel just waiting to be discovered.

The bay of Bodrum and its peninsula in…

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