Dance and Celebrate on Ibiza

traditional folk dance costumes with castanets

The night clubs are well known but dancing of a different type took centre stage on Ibiza during August.

The island of Ibiza got the chance to show its cultural and traditional side during August when the festival of San Ciriacois (or San Ciriaco) is celebrated in Ibiza Town.

The Festival of San Ciriaco, or Saint Cyriac, is celebrated every year, with…

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Kypria Festival on Cyprus

beautiful violin music in sunset

September saw the promotion of the Kypria Festival, with events in all the major towns of Cyprus during the month.

The island of Cyprus presents a wealth of music concerts and festivals throughout the whole year. From choir and jazz festivals in Paphos, Larnaca’s Classical Music Festival, the Berengaria International Music Festival in Limassol and of course the dance music events…

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Crete During September

fresh box of sardines

Visitors to Crete during September will not only have the fabulous autumn weather to enjoy. A selection of cultural events continues throughout the month.

Sardine Festivals are not unique to the Algarve coast of Portugal, where many towns celebrate the fishing industry that sustained their region for many years. Crete also has a long sardine fishing tradition and that is celebrated each…

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Pick up a Bargain in Tenerife This Week

Colored clothes hanging on in an open market

Exposaldo 09, an annual retail sale, took place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife this year. The event took place in the International Fair and Congress Centre which is located on the coast in the centre of Santa Cruz close to the Tenerife Auditorium and the Parque Maritimo, an outdoor swimming and leisure complex. The Fair and…

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Tenerife Turns to Motorsport

beautiful sports cars on speed

The slowing down of the holiday season and the quieter roads are exactly what motorsports fans on Tenerife have been waiting for.

The island of Tenerife is popular holiday destination all year round now, with mild winter weather proving attractive to those seeking to get away from the harsher winters in northern Europe. But the busiest periods are always…

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