Classical Times on Tenerife

Tenerife capital city view from the distant

The events that are currently in full swing on Tenerife may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The excitement and revelery of the annual carnival is the highlight of the year for many, but for others a selection of quieter more sedate events may be preferred.

The presence of the Auditoria de…

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Chess, Opera, Jazz and Pop on Malta

chess piece on a chess board

When Malta puts on events, they are normally very ambitious. For such a small island you do wonder where they get all this desire to host big promotions. From music concerts and sporting events to international trade fairs and cultural celebrations, things are not done by halves in Malta.

Already for 2010 there are several entries that…

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Celebrity Musicians in Tenerife

A sight upon the beach of San Andres

Due to there location, several thousand miles from the European mainland and the balance of resident and tourist population, the islands of the Canaries rarely benefit from visiting pop stars and celebrity performers. Premier music concerts featuring big stars are few and far between on the islands. In the past…

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Celebrate San Sebastian in Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca; view over the rooftops; from the old city walls towars the cathedral La Seu; horizontal format

While many towns and cities across Spain are gearing up for their annual carnivals during February and March, the island of Mallorca steals a march on…

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Shake Out Your Castanets in The Canaries

Young Spanish flamenco dancer playing the castanets

The Spanish music style of Flamenco is the kind of music played during traditional dances with performers dressed in stylish costume. The ladies wear long flowing skirts while the men dress in outfits that symbolise the attire normally associated with bullfighting. But in Spain, Flamenco is better known as a form of music…

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