year-round festivities in lanzarote

Footbridge over the ocean and palm trees.

If you are a big fan of carnivals, festivals and any forms of parties, then Lanzarote is the place to be. This island hosts a vast number of events for any one calendar year and of course, 2010 is no different. Some of their famous festivities have already occurred, but you can attend those next year if you missed them…

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tenerife for the holidays


If you are looking to start your vacation any time within the year, then Tenerife should be one of the places that you consider. This is largely due to the fact that there are year round celebrations within the island. Many of their activities will include festivals, carnivals, fiestas and a host of festivities.

Events begin from the beginning of the year, so if there is anything that you have already missed…

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festa del melo in palma de mallorca

Port d

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october at bodrum

sailing yachts in Bodrum, we can also see an old castle

Hosh geldiniz or welcome in English terms is a popular statement most people say who live in Bodrum, Turkey. This magnificent place commonly known as Halicarnassus is the home of the world-renowned father of history Herodotus. Its composition is by a wide scope of historical locations consisting of architectural designs like the…

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rodrigo leao in concert


This September 11th, Rodrigo Leao will be in concert at Faro, Portugal, presenting his new album A Mae. Rodrigo is one of the most renown portuguese contemporary compositors. His music has travelled worldwide and its only natural that this new album is a reflection of all his travelling. This record was written in several places, explains the musician, Goa, New York, Spain, Italy, and of course, Portugal. The tracks, he proceeds,…

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