Pueblo Canario in Las Palmas

image of las palmas

The initial settlements at this location, called Real de Las Palmas, explored the area around a ravine here. They then moved ahead into the towns named Triana and Vegueta on the right side and Barranco de Guiniguada on the left. Initially the Castillian Army encampment was located on the hillside close to the Barranco de Guiniguada where you will find the chapel called San…

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The Arab Baths in Palma de Mallorca

image of mallorca

Palma is dated back to the initial Roman settlement that inhabited the present day city of Palma, although the region primarily belonged to the Bronze Age settlements that inhabited the same site. After the initial settlements the region was invaded by Arabs, who kept Madina Mayurqa as its name. King Jaime I who ruled the regions of Aragon and Valencia conquered it in 1229. At this…

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Knossos in Crete

image of crete

Crete is the largest in area among all the Greek islands. It is situated towards the southeastern edge of Greece. This picturesque Mediterranean island is 260 km in length and 12 to 60 km in width. The island sits cozily between Africa, Europe and Asia. You can book flights to Crete to enjoy the antiquity in form of its churches, palaces and museums as well as…

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The Jewish Quarter in Rhodes

image of rhodes

Rhodes has an Old town and a New town both having its own peculiarities. The old town has some prodigious walls where some of the structures show influence of the Latin, Byzantine and Turkish inhabitants. The old town consists of several quiet but twisting alleyways interrupted timely by lively squares. It is a good idea to take flights to Rhodes to explore the incredible palaces and…

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Sharks Bay in Sharm el sheikh

image of sharm el sheikh

The Sinai Peninsula has become one of the most visited tourist locations in the past few decades. The reason is its simple yet radiant sand, sea and sun. Nowadays even 5 star hotels and resorts have come up in Sharm el sheikh that provides some very luxurious as well as comfortable accommodation for tourists and casual visitors. You can reach Sharm el Shaikh…

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