2012: Low Budget but High Quality Carnival

flower power

Flares, tie-dye clothes, platform shoes, kaftans, peace-signs and funky sunglasses – the theme for the 2012 carnival in Tenerife is Flower Power of the Swinging Sixties! If we could relive this brilliant era anywhere in the world, we could not have thought of a better location than the Island of Eternal Spring with its peaceful beaches and exotic flowers. The Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the biggest of the Canary carnivals and is always held during the weeks before Ash Wednesday. In 2012, the official dates are from 15th February until 26th February. If you’re in Tenerife between these dates, look for a hotel near Santa Cruz, as this city will be turned into a magnificent circus of colours, costumes, music and light shows.

Fernando Ballesteros, who is in charge of the festival, revealed that the idea came from Tono Leon, an artist closely linked to Santa Cruz. The organisation thought that Flower Power would be an excellent theme because its bright colours and optimism encourage people’s imagination and creativity, while it won’t allow the current economic situation of the citizens of Santa Cruz to have a negative effect on the costumes. The flower power movement is famous for rejecting consumerism, so everybody should be able to create a Swinging Sixties outfit. Mind you, even if you don’t live in Tenerife, you can experience this wonderful carnival on a low budget, as flythomascook offers lots of cheap flights to Tenerife. Put a flower in your hair and join the festivities!

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