a night of cold entertainment


This is the known haven by the ancient times of history as Kition. This particular cocoon of paradise paraded all sorts and kinds of ruins from Neolithic periods then onwards. This is a place of prominent museums that enjoyed historical structures by people said to be the gateway of Cyprus, Larnaca.

It is the second port of Cyprus and this city is the oldest inhabited one in Larnaca. Because of the clear blue skies and sandy beaches, tourists from all over the world visit there to enjoy the open fresh crisp air and cool relaxation.

Visiting characters particularly with yachts or any boat of various kinds enjoy the flow of air on the vast beaches while going astray onto the fathom waters. But, not only are the attractive beaches captivating, they also lead to many interesting activities that takes place in the same location. Every winter Larnaca conjugates a series of events taking European culture to the next level.

One example of such an event is the European Cultural Winter. The organization comes to existence every year catering diverse entertainment of jazz performances from worldwide and Greek movies, dancing like ballet, orchestral performances and other shows that exposes the many talents that the participants bring.

The various accomplices of making the event possible are the personalities of Lia Vissi and Elias Lougos. And with them, comes the Bolshoi State Academic Ballet of Belarus, Ossipov Orchestra, vocal ensemble Diastasi, Los Esplendidos Paraguayos, the Music Group of Larkos Larkou, SPA Italian jazz band, the 21st Century Symphonic Orchestra of Moscow, St.

Petersburg State Ballet and a tons more partakers of the stunning event that will surely blow your mind. The star-studded cast and their stellar performances compressed the Laranaca Municipal Theatre. Even the cold breeze of the temperature did not stop the audience from coming before from witnessing the huge event only once a year. To experience the breath-taking event, book a ticket now for your familys flights to Larnaca, Cyprus.

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