A splash of American History

A splash of American History

There’s no denying that Florida is famous for its rollercoasters, waterslides and theme parks. These features attract about 60 million visitors every year – the equivalent of the entire population of the UK! Though it’s true that tourism is the largest sector of Florida’s economy, the historic background of this is equally fascinating.

Central Florida is divided into Seminole, Lake, Osceola and Orange County, and each county has its own charms and attractions. Finding out more about the areas you’re intending to visit can really enhance your holiday experience.

Traces of the intriguing history of Orange County, for example, date back to The Pleistocene (2.5 million years ago), such as the fossils of mammoths, camels, dire wolfs, giant sloths and various birds at Orange County’s Rock Spring. Up until 1845, the county was known as Mosquito County, but it owes its current name to its main product: the orange. In the early seventies, when an area of over 80,000 acres was dedicated to orange trees.

Seminole is the youngest of the four counties, as it was only created in 1913, but its largest city, Sanford, is a great place to find out more about American history as well. Sanford is known as the Historic Waterfront Gateway City because it is attached to Lake Monroe, one of the lakes that make up the 310 mile long St. Johns river system. The St. Johns river is 310 miles long and connects twelve counties, making it an important artery of the commercial as well as a recreational sector of Florida. Thousands of years before Sanford city was formed, the location was already appreciated by the Mayaco or Jororo Indians amd from 1760 onwards the Seminole Indians, to whom the county owes its name. If you’ve booked flights to Orlando and would like to experience one of the historic traditions of this county that are still very much alive, visit the Sanford Farmers’ Market in Magnolia Square. This market is where the locals get their fresh produce, plants, flowers, crafts and specialty food items every Saturday from 9.00 until 14.00.

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