Akamas peninsula in Paphos

image of paphos

Paphos is widely known for its monasteries and churches such as the Panagia Tou Sinti Monastery, Ayia Solomoni Church, Panayia Chrysopolitissa Church, and the Panayia Theoskepasti Church. Some other sites of tourist interest include Paphos Odeon, Paphos Castle, Ayios Neophytos Monastery, Panagia Tou Sinti Monastery and Saranta Kolones. You can fly to this wonderful tourist destination as there are many flights to Paphos almost every day from several world locations. If you are traveling with children then visiting the Paphos Aquarium would be a good idea. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of the region then Akamas peninsula should be your first choice.

The Akamas peninsula is one of the most picturesque locations on the island and is situated towards the western side of Cyprus. The peninsula spans over an area of 230 sq. km. if you are keen on seeing natural habitats, herbs, plants and wild isolated forests in its most natural form then the landscape at Akamas will amaze you to the limit. It has loads of natural beauty, sandy bays and deep gorges where you can wet your feet while admiring the stunning beauty of the setup.

The peninsula derives its name from the son of Theseus. He had taken part in the Trojan wars. The Akamas peninsula accommodates as many as 530 varieties of plant species. Several botanists are found roaming around in the region to explore and photograph newly found plants. This region holds a lot of ecological significance. 126 out the total plant species are known to grow on the Akamas peninsula and are considered to be locally grown in Cyprus. The reason for their easy growth is the unspoiled natural surroundings.

The excellent variety of animals found at the Akamas peninsula is also impressive. Here you will encounter 168 diverse species of birds, 16 types of butterflies, 12 mammals and 20 different species of reptiles. If you observe the existing habitats of animals and birds on the peninsula you will notice how different they are. They are diverse too. This often attracts botanists to the peninsula as these habitats include sand dunes, juniper and pine forests, maquis forests, gorges as well as high cliffs.

Some of the native plants of Cyprus are found at the Akamas peninsula are the Taraxacum aphrogenes, Alyssum, Rubia laurea, crocus veneris, bosea cypria, sedum cyprium, Odontides cypria and tulipa cypria. If nothing has excited you till now then Lara Bay will definitely attract your attention as it happens to be a significant breeding ground for turtles. Here you will encounter hawks-bill and green turtles. These turtles unfortunately figure on the list of endangered species. They have taken residence here at Lara Bay simply because they are not disturbed or threatened here.

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