Aphrodites Rock in Paphos

image of paphos

Paphos, located towards southwest of Cyprus, is well known for its magnificent beaches, cultural treasures and natural environment that never fails to impress visitors coming from all parts of the world. Paphos is accessible by air. You will find several domestic and international flights to Paphos every day.

Apart from the famous museums, Tombs, Monasteries or other heritage sites, if you want to visit something different, then Aphrodites Rock is just the place for you. The local name for Aphrodites Rock is Petra tou Romiou. It is situated around 20 km towards the east of Paphos. The approach of the Aphrodite Rock is such that it starts from the airport followed by a motorway and then emerges across the motorway to a beautiful route towards the resplendent Mediterranean coastline.

It is a great place to relax through your tour. So a quiet afternoon is the right time to be here to enjoy the sun, the cool water and the soothing breeze. The Aphrodites Rock has a legend associated with it. The beach is a pebbled beach and the water is cold in spite of the sunny days. It is also believed that if you swim in the water around the rocks covering the rocks three times, you will meet true love. Some also have a different connotation to this and they say that if you swim around the rocks thrice, you will be youthful throughout your life.

It is easy to find the Aphrodites Rock as it is signposted well. You might find a small cafe, around which your vehicle can be parked so that you can enter into a small tunnel like structure to go across the road towards the rock. There is something enchanting about the location as the rock emerges brilliantly against the wonderful breeze while the water is splashing on the lower portion of the rock. The site consists of two huge rocks inside the ocean standing strong alongside some white cliffs just above them. The whole scene has often set the imagination of several painters and poets. TheBirth of Venus by Botticelli is said to have found its inspiration from Aphrodites Rock.

It is an excellent place to be with family especially if you are looking to get away from your hectic schedule back home. This location will be a great respite from all that. Also, since there is just a small caf頡round the beach towards the rocks and no restaurants make sure you get something packed and maybe have some sort of a picnic.

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