Aslanhane Mosque in Turkey

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The Aslanhane Mosque is one of the biggest mosques within the city. This mosque is constructed from columned wooden materials and Serafeddin who was the leader of the Ahis built it during 1920. The most noteworthy attractions within this attraction are the imperial gate, its minber and also the mihrap that is home to a range of decorations and mosaics that are honeycomb shaped. This attraction is very popular with a vast array of people that make the most of the regular flights to Turkey. In front of the mosque is a wall, which is covered in reliefs and tablets and some of these represent the figures of lions.

It is true to say that this mosque is a very good example of forest mosque and it has been constructed using wooden materials. This mosque was built during the thirteenth century and it was previously known as Arslanhane, which means the house of the lions; this name was appropriate as there were a number of lion statues that surrounds the mosque.

This attraction is very popular with people that have an interest in religious sites and also architectural buildings. This mosque is a very popular attraction for tourists that are visiting this area. This is just one of the many attractions within Turkey as there is a vast array of things for people to see and do within this area.

The Aslanhane Mosque is located within the city of Ankara and this city is the capital of Turkey. This city is the second biggest city within Turkey after Istanbul. This city is located about nine hundred and thirty eight meters above sea level. Just like many cities Ankara has been known as a few different names over the years. This city has a population of about four million five hundred thousand.

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