Banjul Trade Fair

image of banjul

The very first trade fair was held in 2005 and the Gambia Chamber of Commerce has been successfully able to conduct the trade fair regularly for the past three years. The trade and commerce in the Banjul has definitely picked up in the past few years as more and more people are visiting the region because of the fair. The trade fair allows more than 200 local traders and several and international firms to take part in the fair. This way they not only increase their revenue but also improve the relations existing between various economies.

The trade fair is carried on with great amount of enthusiasm and a lot of preparation from the local as well as international firms. The vision of the Gambia Chamber of Commerce through this trade fair is to bring the country to a position where service excellence is displayed and valued. The organization is highly committed towards this and takes actions directed towards serving the requirements of its members. The vision is also to build effective partnerships that will impact the development of the countries private sector positively. The aim is also to achieve sustainable development, thereby being representative, relevant, and responsive organization of the business community.

The government had adopted a strong stand in 1994 towards making its economic policies sound as well as prudent which anchored solely on the development of the private sector recognizing it as the centre of growth. The main functions of the Gambia Chamber of Commerce (GCCI) are providing significant business services specifically for the private sector as well as for its members. Its role is also to provide suitable advice and influence the government in order to create favorable environment for business.

The Trade Fair promotes showcasing of articles made from the natural resources of the region. This has worked amazingly well for small and medium enterprises of the region. To get to the trade fair all you need to do is catch a flight to Banjul. The trade fair provides the much required platform for indulging in joint ventures thereby expanding the circle of trade. This step has given a common ground for the Gambian locals with other countries and it also assists in forming long term business relations. The target segment for the trade fair is simply the foreign visitors and tourists, government officials and business people who keep visiting the country every now and then.

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