Bodrum Bicycle Festival

image of bodrum

There are no large festivals that are held within the town of Bodrum but there are a couple of festivals that take place within this area. The main events within this town are connected to feasting and fasting and they are known as Ramadan and Eid ul-Adha. There is a number of main events that attract tourists who use the flights to Bodrum and the bicycle festival is just one of them.

Bodrum Bicycle Festival takes place during the middle part of May. This festival is designed with the main focus on cleaning the area up by encouraging the drivers to start using two wheels rather than four wheels. The Bicycle Festival starts at the street that is known as Neyzen Tevfik and it uses several different bike trails and eventually finishes at the Quay center. This festival does not only include bicycles as it also features a range of live music, dancers and acrobats to name a few of the entertainment sources.

Despite the name of this festival it is not really a festival where people gather in order to show off their bikes. This festival has more of a focus on being environmentally friendly whilst also having a friendly atmosphere.

The Bicycle Festival is organized and run by the sports club that is known as Bodrum Nature. This festival has the slogan, which means hand in hand for Bodrum in order to get people to free the town of the exhaust fumes and take to their bikes instead. There is a wide range of other activities that go alongside the main focus of this festival.

Every year this festival attracts a vast number of people and it attracts a wide range of ages. There is a lot of things for people to do within the town therefore there is plenty for tourists to do alongside the festivities of this event.

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