Christmas pressies for travellers

gifts for travellers

1. Mask with integrated camera

Whether the travellers in your life are waterbabies or a snowfiends, Liquid Image will have a mask for them. These unique snorkelling and skiing masks have a built in camera to ensure that the wearer can capture every single bit of the action. The best news is: these masks are all at surprisingly-affordable prices too! So whether they’re taking a flight to snorkel in the warm waters of Sharm el Sheik or packing a snowboard for one of our ski deals, this is one special present!

2. Emergency Phone Charger

Sometimes, the worst thing that could happen to you is running out of juice on your mobile phone. Especially nowadays, when phones are often used to access emails and find directions as well as to actually talk to people. That’s why every traveller should set off equipped with an emergency charger of some kind. There are many to choose from on the market but the Freeloader Solar Charger is a brilliant present because it’s powered by the sun, meaning that it’s eco-friendly and the traveller doesn’t have to stock up on batteries!

3. Travel Speakers

There will come a point when most travellers want to be able to listen to some music without putting their headphones on. Speakers that are easily transportable are a must. Look for portable speakers that are tiny enough to slip into your pocket but powerful enough to have you dancing to the sounds on your iPod, iPhone or laptop.

4. Camera Protection

The Cloak Bag is an ingenious invention for people who like taking photos but worry about their camera getting damaged or even stolen. This camera bag with a twist has an under panel that unzips and folds away, to enable your lens to poke out the bottom so that you can take pictures ‘through’ the bag instead of having to unpack your camera. A brilliant idea!

5. Travel Pillow

Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that bring the greatest pleasure. One of the drawbacks of travel can be all the, well, travelling! It’s wonderful to arrive at a destination but sometimes it can be hard work getting there. For friends and families with long journeys ahead of them, who will have to catch some sleep wherever they can, a travel pillow will be a near godsend.

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