Corfu Shell Museum

image of corfu

The Corfu Shell Museum is a very interesting place to visit on the island of Corfu. The island of Corfu is very popular with tourists and a lot of them rely on the frequent flights to Corfu in order to get to their destination. Visitors come from all across the world to enjoy everything that the island has to offer. This location has a vast number of attractions that are all very popular with tourist attraction and there is a lot on offer to visitors. There is luxurious sandy beach on the island and these tend to attract a vast amount of tourists.

The Corfu Shell Museum is unique style of museum and it is the only museum of its type in Greece. The museum is considered to be one of the best museums in the whole of Europe. This museum has been dedicated to a vast number of treasures of the Deep Sea and this includes shells. The museum is home to thousands of different exhibits that are all clearly scientifically labelled.

The museum is home to a shop and this is also very popular with tourists, as they can purchase some unusual shells and also some items that can be classed as exotic souvenirs. The Corfu Shell Museum is located within Benitses Harbour Square.

The Corfu Shell Museum is home to a range of fossils, corals, sponges, tiny sharks, starfish and other organisms all of which have bee found on the island of Corfu. This museum is owned by Napoleon Sagias and he is constantly looking to add new items to the displays. The museum is open seven days per week and it is open all day from ten in the morning until nine at night. The museum shop opens at the same time however it remains open until ten at night.

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