Crete Part 1

Vai Beach- Crete

Rediscover the true Crete: Beyond the noisy, crowded resorts lies the true heart of Crete which encompasses stunning regional flavours, exceptional land and sea scapes, and the hustle and bustle of traditional village life.

Greece’s largest island, Crete has a varied landscape with lots to explore. There are the hills, byways and mountains for hiking as well as the giant Samaria Gorge, the small villages for authentic Greek traditions, and the lovely beaches and resort areas for sun, sea, and sand.

Boat trips, quad biking facilities and eco-tourism activities all await you in Crete. The island also has a host of impressive golf facilities.

Diving off the island is superb as there are many hidden bays with all kinds of species of marine life on view. Crete has opened up its allowance for divers all over its coastline as up until recently, diving was restricted to specified areas only. The clarity of the waters here are pristine and the best diving areas are off the south coast.

For centuries Crete has kept its own unique culture. Cretan Greek is a spoken dialect that is still used today on the island. The music of Crete is based around the lyra and the lute and has its own distinctive sound.

Crete also has many indigenous dances, best known being the Pentozali, a lively folk dance. Additionally, the heady liquor raki is made here. Cretan wine is another specialty of the island as is the lovely olive oil produced in the lush olive groves on the island.

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