Cyprus International Four – day Challenge – how fit are you?

running on the beach

Bored with a quick jog around the park? A 5K race just not giving you that same adrenaline buzz that it used to? Or perhaps you just prefer to watch and cheer the competitors on, swearing that next year you’ll don the running shoes and join in? Well, here’s your chance to pump the legs, sweat and push your personal goals to the limit. The Cyprus International 4-day Challenge is held on the 24th – 27th November and offers competitive souls the chance to explore some of the most beautiful countryside in Cyprus – albeit a little quicker than your average tourist!

The Cyprus International 4-day Challenge is a staged running event, effectively four races over four days. The times of each race are added together, giving each runner a total time. The races cover a distance slightly longer than a marathon with mountain running, trail running and cross-country running to keep the challenge factor up to 11. There’s a 6k time trial, a multi-terrain half marathon, an 11k mountain trail run and a 10k City Run, so even the most jaded jogger faces plenty of challenges and variety. The event takes place around Paphos, and for the most part takes competitors through the AKAMAS Nature Reserve Park.

Sightseeing on the go…

Although it is a competition, the Challenge lets you take in some of Cyprus most scenic routes. Every turn amazes and delights with a different stunning view, unfolding the beauty of the AKAMAS Nature Reserve Park in all its panoramic glory. Inspiring, challenging and gorgeous, this is a far cry from the local municipal park, a busy roadside or a jog around a football field!

With flights to Paphos plentiful and affordable, this is a great opportunity to do something completely different. A wonderful party atmosphere keeps everyone going, and a grand gala dinner at the end of the event gives everyone a chance to congratulate the winners and make new friends.

So if you’re feeling fit and ready for an adventure, jog over to Cyprus this November and take part in one of the toughest and most rewarding events of the year.

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