Dining Out in Antalya

image of antalya

There is a vast amount of places within Antalya where people are able to enjoy dining out. There are a lot of tourists that enjoy dining out in this area and they also make the most of the frequent flights to Antalya. It is true to say that Turkish cuisine is amongst the best cuisine anywhere in the world, however this is alongside Cantonese and French cuisine. The Turkish cuisine is diverse and rich due to the Ottoman Empire, which stretches from the gates of Vienna along to the strip, which is part of the Arabian Peninsula.

Traditionally Turkish people started their meal with meze and this is similar to tapas and antipasti. Examples of meze are vegetables, which are either prepared or stuffed with spicy salsas, olive oil, dips and yogurts. These dishes are mopped up using some Turkish style baguettes. Deep fried seafood is also a commonly eaten food, which can be classed as meze. There is a lot of people that feel that the selection of meze that is available is actually enough to be their main meal. Traditionally the Turkish people have finished their meal with some coffee and Afiyer olsun.

There is a vast array of restaurants within Antalya and these serve a range of different cuisine therefore there is something suitable for all tastes. Some of the most typical Turkish cuisine that can be enjoyed within Antalya includes Doner kebabs, which consists of grilled lamb, which is cooked on a revolving spit and also Dolma, which is stuffed vegetables.

There are some typical sweet dishes that are eaten within Antalya and this includes Abure, Baklava and also Lokum. Abure is a sweet dish, which is made from raisins, sugar and cereals. Baklava is a sweet dish that is made from flaky pastry, which is stuffed with syrup and nuts. Lokum is really a confectionary item within Turkey and it is soft and chewy.

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