Enjoy the luxuries of eventful Fuerteventura

rocky landscape of crete

On the island of Fuerteventura, there is no lack of festivities and celebrations. There calendar of events is extensive and even though most of the year has already passed, there are still many reasons for you to book flights to Fuerteventura today.

The locals and the tourists alike, enjoy many festivities throughout the year. Many of the popular ones have already gone, but the good news is that some of them are annual events and you can look forward to them again next year. These past and future events include the February colorful carnivals and parades. The music festival in June and the International jazz festival that is held each July. There are always things to do in Fuerteventura and here is a run down of some of the popular events that are yet to come.

Fuerteventura is in Spain and the islands of Spain are known for there constant fun activities. In September, Fuerteventura hosts Feast Day. This is kept in early September in the Antigua village and is a religious affair. The Antigua village is situated in the centre of the island and elevates the cultural and colorful aura of the fun filled festival.

In October, there is non stop celebration as in the early days of the month, starting with the first Sunday, there are constant events and festivities held to celebrate the Saint. This is held in Puerto del Rosario, the islands capital. As October continues, so does the festivities because October 12th is a public holiday that is celebrated throughout all of Spain because this holiday is a notation of their history and the National Day Festival is held with more than one events and parties across the island.

November does not get any less exciting because in the middle of the month is when the International Kite Festival is held and this event lasts for three days. This event caters to everyone and many kite flyers from within Europe have made there way there on an annual basis; you will see an average of 250 kites being displayed and flown throughout the event. The event is kept on the beach of Playa Del Burro, so the sun and sand will make for a great festival, whether or not the kites show up.

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