Ethnographic Museum in Turkey

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The Ethnographical museum in Turkey is dedicated to the history and culture of the people in Turkey. The building that houses this museum was designed by Arif Hikmet Koyunoglu and the building work was started during 1925 and it was completed during 1928. This museum is popular with tourists and a lot of these make the most of the regular cheap flights to Turkey.

The Ethnographical museum is open all year round from a Tuesday through to Sunday and it is open from nine in the morning until midday and then from one in the afternoon until five in the afternoon.

The building which houses the Ethnographical museum is a built using white marble and it is the resting place for Ataturk prior to the construction of the mausoleum that is known as Anit Kabit. The equestrian statue that is located outside the museum is in memory of Ataturk.

The Ethnographical museum is home to a massive collection of artifacts and folk costumes that date from the Selcuk times. This collection consists of furniture, carpets and also domestic utensils. Some of the collection is household interiors that are recreated ottomans. Within the collections in this museum there are some very spectacular examples of woodcarvings by the Selcuk period and this includes a mirhab that has been taken from the village mosque that is located close to the Urgup and this represents thousands of hours of carvings.

This museum is just one of the attractions that are located within Turkey and most of these attractions tend to be very popular with tourists. It is true to say that there is something on offer for all ages and interests. When planning a holiday in Turkey it is a good idea to take time to find out everything that is on offer then you will be able to make an informed decision regarding where you would like to visit.

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