European Diving Center in Dalaman

images of dalaman

The European Diving Center has been offering a range of scuba diving, diving courses and dive holidays, which are all of very good quality. These facilities have all been on offer since 1989. This diving center is very popular with people from all across the world that are interested in diving. A lot of these people make the most of the regular cheap flights to Dalaman. This diving center is owned and operated by British people and it was originally established within the town of Fethiye, which is in Turkey.

This diving center is a specialist organization, which arranges diving expeditions and all of the staff members are fully qualified to PADI instructors. Most of the divers that are based at this center have been working within this industry for a number of years and this is also the case with the reservation staff that work at this center. Most of the reservation staff are also very keen divers therefore they aim to allow the divers to have the best experience possible.

Over the years this diving center has become well known and it has been accredited by PADI and the center is also classed as a development center for PADI careers. This is a very prestige award and there are only a very small number of dive centers that have been given this accreditation. The European diving center has been recognized as being able to offer exceptional levels of diving training.

This diving center is located within the Turkish area of Fethiye. It is true to say that this area has some of the best diving that can be found anywhere in the world. This is a very beautiful area and there is a lot of other things to see and do within this area for people that may want to experience more than just the diving that is on offer within this area.

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