Extra Holiday Fun for Kids

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To make sure even the youngest holidaymakers enjoy their trips to the full, flythomascook has launched the new Kids’ Club on their website with loads of great games, facts, stories and travel advice for the little ones. The Kids’ Club has four sections: Before we go, At the airport, On the plane and At the beach.

Before we go

There are so many fun things children can do while looking forward to their holidays. This section shows how chosing a destination or packing your suitcase can be a game. For those who have booked flights to Tenerife, one of the other Canary Islands or Mainland Spain, flythomascook has even developed a cool memory game to teach all family members the basics of Spanish! Greek and Turkish versions of the card game are also available.

At the Airport

Once the excitement of the airport has worn off, children tend to get bored of waiting. You can bust boredom by downloading the maps, games and fairy tales from this page. The exotic travel stories by Deborah Klaassen are illustrated, so kids can colour in the pictures as well. All you need to do is download the pdf files, print them out on a sheet of A4 paper and make sure you have some crayons or colouring pencils handy!

On the plane

Sitting in one seat for several hours and being quiet can be very difficult, especially for young, adventurous passengers. In this section, you can find a dot-to-dot worksheet, a printable maze, a scavenger hunt and a colouring picture that will keep the journey enjoyable for the little ones as well as their parents.

At the beach

This page features games and competitions to keep children entertained at the beach. The competitions include sandcastle building, beach photography, channel digging and writing poems in the sand. Find out which competition is running before you go!

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