Family Surfing in The Algarve

Portugal Coastline

If your family is one of the many that are now finding surfing to be the perfect component of an activity holiday then your choice of location is very important. The Algarve coast in Portugal between Faro and Lagos has some of the best family surfing beaches in Europe.

The popularity of surfing is still growing, with new forms of the sport attracting both experienced participants and younger people. Adrenalin junkies now favour wave riding or freestyle where extreme windsurfing techniques are used to ride waves and make huge jumps. Newcomers to the sport no longer have to endure the effort of learning difficult surfing techniques from the off, with the easier alternative of body boarding proving very popular. This branch of the sport is also enjoyable in beach areas where waves are not big enough to allow surfers to easily stand up.

But where do you take a young family to enjoy the elementary stages of surfing in pleasant and safe conditions? Many UK locations have beaches and waves perfect for body boarding. Gently shelving sandy beaches are all around our coastline but the water temperature leaves a little to be desired. The southern coast of the Algarve between Faro and Lagos provides a perfect alternative. There is a choice of several locations that provide the sea conditions and safe environments families look for, and, with a choice of airports nearby, they are easily reached by flights from the UK.

The Praia de Faro is well regarded as a beginners surfing spot with a large beach and very little current to worry about. Further along the coast Meia Praia, one of the longest beaches in the Algarve, and Praia de Rocha are both favoured spots with the former providing easy surfing for absolute beginners. Praia de Rocha offers a wider range of conditions to satisfy both the beginner and improver and has a huge beach with enough space for everyone to find a great spot. There are also a wide range of attractions around this popular holiday resort.

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