Festivals in Tenerife During April

image of tenerife

During April the main festival that is celebrated in Tenerife is Easter and this festival is a weeklong event. Normally this festival is the start of the better weather on the island of Tenerife and this makes it a popular time with tourists. A lot of the tourists that come here to enjoy the sunshine make use of the regular flights to Tenerife. There are tourists that come to this area all year round however the numbers tend to increase when the weather is warmer and the schools have more holidays.

Palm Sunday is the Sunday prior to Easter and this is a big celebration in Tenerife, which is celebrated on the streets of Tenerife, and there is a vast amount of people that dress up in order to take part in the celebrations. During the week, which is known as Semana Santa, there is a wide range of different events and activities that take place during this week. These celebrations take in a wide range of towns.

During this time in the resort of Adeje there is a street theatre production and this production involves actors who re-enact the Easter story and this includes the carrying of a cross and a realistic crucifixion. These Easter celebrations are often referred to as Klansmen and Krosses festival.

These celebrations and events are all very popular with both tourists and locals alike. A lot of these events show the true to story of Easter whilst also including some modern twists. Even the small cities across this area take part in these events and they show an element of culture. It is true to say that these events and festivities have the ability to bring together people of all ages. Another good thing about these festivities is that a lot of them incorporate some element of free food, therefore people can try some different foods that they have otherwise not have tried.

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