flora burgas flower exhibition


Burgas, a seaside resort and the most important port in Bulgaria, is a mix of old and new structures, with tapered roofs on one side and skyscrapers on the other. Apart from the usual sightseeing and spending time on the beach, you can also look forward to numerous events and festivals held in the city.

If you are a big fan of nature, especially flowers, then the Floral Burgas is an event not to be missed. Even if you are not much of a nature lover, the event is definitely worth your time. As spring sprinkles colorful flowers in every part of the world, Burgas simply arranges them in a unique style at the time of the Flower Exhibition. The event is organized every year from April end till first week of May, the peak season when flowers are in full bloom.

It is organized under the aegis of Mayor of Burgas Municipality at the Sea Gardens, which is one of the best and most well kept gardens in the city. Each year during the exhibition, the flowers are arranged by participants in different patterns according to a theme given to them. As per the tradition, the display includes ornamental plants, cut blossom arrangement, seedlings and potted plants. Apart from these, items such as garden tools, architectural and artistic products, and other things related to the exhibition are also displayed.

Many people take flights to burgas, bulgaria to watch the event, which is more of a competition, where participants are required to arrange flowers and other items as per their theme. The artists are required to apply for the competition and are expected to bring their own material for the exhibition.

The entire event is truly breathtaking as you see a number of flower arrangements in impressive patterns. Some artists arrange them to make different words in support of a cause or maybe as a message to the world. For instance, in the Flora Burgas held in 2007, flowers were arranged to say You are not alone. The message was in honor of Bulgarian nurses who were sentenced to death in Libya. Other exhibits include plants cut in different shapes of animals or prominent figures. The exhibition is not really a local event and people from several other countries such as Greece, Turkey and Romania come here to participate.

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