Golf in Fuerteventura

image of feurteventura

Golf is a popular sport all across Fuerteventura and the first golf course on this island was located in that area that is known as Caleta de Fuste, which is also known as Costa Caleta. This course is one of the most exciting courses on the island and Juan Catarineu designed it. This golf course hosted the Spanish Open, which took place during 2004 and this was quite an achievement for the course as it only opened during spring of 2002. There are a lot of tourists that make the most of the regular flights to Fuerteventura in order to enjoy the fantastic golf that is on offer on this island.

Despite the fact that Fuerteventura has a vast amount of sunshine and very little rain all of the golf courses on the island are home to some beautiful greens. The wind on the island adds a bit of a challenge for golfers who are playing at the course in Costa Caleta and there are a number of natural hazards on this course, which includes three lakes. This golf course is also some to a clubhouse, which is five stars, and there is also a pro shop and resident professionals that are of PGA standard.

There is a vast number of other golf courses on the island therefore there is a lot choice when it comes to where you are going to play. Some of the courses have some accommodation within the grounds or at least close to the grounds therefore it is possible to have a golfing holiday in Fuerteventura and leave the stresses of everyday life behind.

Another course that is very popular is Las Salinas and this was the second golf course that opened on the island. This course is located alongside the Costa Caleta course. The Las Salinas course has been set up very well and it is the ideal location for tourists that want to enjoy playing golf whilst on the island. This course is one of the less challenging courses on the island.

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