Gran Canaria Carnival

image of gran canaria

There are a lot of different festivities that take place on the island of Gran Canaria and these take place all over the island. It is true to say that there is no village or town on the island that does not celebrate at least one event. Due to the vast amount of festivals and events that take place on this island no one is left out, as there is a suitable event for everyone. During the festivals the friendliness and hospitality of the island shines through. A lot of tourists make use of the cheap flights to Gran Canaria in order to join in the celebrations of some of these events.

The carnival around the island takes place on an annual basis and it is celebrated in every single corner of the island. This carnival is one of the most famous celebrations that take place on this island. There are various carnivals that take place at various times throughout the year however most of them tend to be held during the summer months. Each of the areas that host a carnival has its own trademark.

There are some people that will take part in various carnivals and some of these people start their carnival celebrations as early as January. A lot of the people that start celebrating early on continue until they are either to tired to continue or they run out of events to celebrate.

Within the carnivals there is no limit to the range of costumes that people use and this very much depends on the imagination that people have at this time. The various carnivals are very popular and they tend to feature a vast array of different activities and most of the carnivals will start off with some type of speech, which are usually full of humor. Most of the carnivals finish at the start of lent which is marked by Ash Wednesday.

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