Guinate Tropical Park in Lanzarote

image of lanzarote

The Guinate Tropical Park in Lanzarote is a great day out for all the family, for both the young and older generations of the family. The park is located within forty-five square meters of gardens, lakes and waterfalls. This park is home to one thousand three hundred exotic birds and animals. This bird enclosure covers an area of twenty five thousand meter squared of walk through aviaries. This bird enclosure is the biggest in Europe. This spectacular arena is filled with a stunning range of exotic birds, waterfalls, fish and streams. This area is certainly an attractive place for people that enjoy nature and want to explore the wonderful habitats, which are home to a hundred different species. This park is very popular with tourists from all across the world and they make use of the regular flights to Lanzarote.

This tropical park is located within the northern part of Lanzarote within the luxurious province that is known as Haria within the valley that is known as a Thousand Palms. This park is located at the foot of the area that is known as Mount Corona and this is an extinct volcano and this is the highest point of the island.

This park is open all year round and this includes all of the local holidays. The park is generally open from ten in the morning until five in the evening. When you visit this park it is important to allow between two and four hours to get around the park and take everything that is on offer. It is a good idea to allow time for relaxing and enjoying all of the views as well. It is reasonable entrance fees for this park and children under the age of three can get in for free. Both the ticket office and the shop will accept al major credit and debit cards.

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