Lagomar House Museum in Lanzarote

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The Lagomar House Museum is located within the holiday residence that was owned by Omar Sharif who is a Hollywood actor. This house museum is open to the public and it has a fascinating amount of history that people can discover. Over the years the history of this museum has become mythologized across Lanzarote. This museum is open seven days a week from ten in the morning until six in the evening. There are guided tours that start every thirty minutes within this area. This museum is very popular with tourists and a lot of these tourists also make the most of the regular flights to Lanzarote.

The building that houses this museum was constructed during the 1970′s and the English developer who was known as Sam Benady constructed it. The initial plan for this building was to be a show home and it attracted property hunters and investors who were looking for something similar for their own use.

The development of this building was assisted in a big way by the talents of the architecture that was known as Jesus Soto. This architect did work on a number of different projects in Lanzarote and he worked alongside Cesar Manrique. The works that these architects worked on included the internal lighting of the Cueva de los Verdes and also various different aspects that make up the national park known as Timanfaya.

Jesus Soto devised the initial design of this house and the design was based on the red volcanic cliffs that were located in the old quarry site. The area around the house is home to lush green plants and plaster surfaces that are smooth and white in color. The white plastic surfaces and lush greenery is things that Cesar Manrique enjoyed incorporating into a number of his constructions. The walls of the cliffs have been incorporated into both the inside and the outside designs. The dining room and kitchen are home to some picon stones that are rough.

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