Locals about Greece: When people make plans, God laughs

meze in zante

If you need to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life, leave yourself behind during your vacation and experience Greece like a local. As well as cheap flights to Zante, Corfu, Heraklion and many other Greek airports, Flythomascook can now offer you the inside information you need to really get away from everything.

The Flythomascook team has asked a panel of nine Greek natives about their culture and cuisine.

According to all interviewed locals, there is a good reason why most tourists visit Greece during the summer: because the weather is best for going to the beach, swimming in the sea and exploring the ancient ruins. And no, admiring the ruins isn’t a tourist-only activity: when we asked the locals to summarise their country in three words, four of them mentioned ‘history’.

When you’re in public, don’t point your stretched hand palm towards someone else’s face. According to the locals, this is a very rude insult. If you are trying to gesture that you want five drinks or ice-creams, turn the palm of your hand towards yourself.

Another thing all interviewed Greeks agreed about is which drink visitors should try: ouzo, a strongly alcoholic anise-flavoured aperitif that works especially well before seafood. One native also recommended a second national drink: Tsipouro. This pomace brandy contains about 45 percent alcohol. Tsipouro is similar to the Italian drink Grappa and is usually served with meze, walnuts, almonds, raisins, olives, feta cheese or pudding. If you fancy a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink, the locals recommend Frape, a foam-covered iced coffee made from instant coffee.

When it comes to food, the opinions were divided between the dishes souvlaki (skewer of grilled meat), moussaka (aubergine casserole) and yemista (stuffed vegetables). If you’re only after a light snack, the locals hope you’ll love Sarmadakia (stuffed cabbage leaves) or spinach pie as much as they do.

Word of warning: if you want to experience Greece like a local, don’t over plan your holidays. One of our informants said his favourite proverb to describe his home country is: “When people make plans, God laughs.”

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