Maidum Pyramid in Egypt

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The Maidum pyramid was originally a seven-step pyramid however it was later enlarged to make it eight steps in height. The original pyramid was forty two meters in height and one hundred and forty four meters square. This pyramid is located on the edge of the desert and it is actually the only structure within the area. There are frequent flights to Egypt and this lets people make the most of air travel. There is a vast number of attractions within Egypt therefore the various pyramids are just some of them. Egypt is actually one of the most popular areas in Africa and the Middle East for tourists. The River Nile is another very popular attraction within Egypt and it is possible to go on a cruise of the River Nile.

Maidum pyramid is a large structure and it is surrounded by debris, which is the casing that has collapsed. It is not very clear when the casing actually collapsed. There are some people that think that the casing collapsed due to the change that was made to the angle of the pyramid; however there are other people that think that is happened during the Roman times. The steps were later filled and smoothed over in order to give it smoother look to the front of the pyramid. Real pyramids actually have a flat face and this is why this work was done.

The Maidum Pyramid is believed to have been started by Huni who was the last ruler of the third Dynasty, however it was actually completed by his son who was known as Sneferu. The entrance to the staircase is on the northern side up a thirty meter staircase. There is a passageway that descends down about fifty seven meters and this goes down to a level that is below the foundation of the pyramid.

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