Make the most of your leisure time on the splendid coast of Dalaman

Ruins of Ottoman fortress

Dalaman is a central town in the Mulga province in the west of Turkey. This region is well known for its natural appeal, beauty and culture. It is also known for its bustling international airport where a lot of flights to Dalaman arrive.

Dalaman has a generally pleasant and mild climate. The average temperature in summer is around 25-35C/77-95F and around 15-18C/59-64F in winter. And even in the winter, you still get at least 5 hours of sunshine a day.

With this in mind, you are sure to have an excellent and quiet time at the spectacular resorts of this district where you get to relax as well as enjoy various water sporting activities above sea level and under water. These resorts are quite safe and child-friendly and there are great rides and other activities to keep the children occupied. The largest and most popular is the Marmaris beach resort on the Aegean coastline which has attracted a lot of tourists from everywhere. This charming beach with fine sand is surrounded by lush green vegetation, palm trees and steep mountains.

Another lovely and unique resort is the Gokova which is part of where the term ‘Blue cruise’ originated from. The surroundings in this resort are magnificent and picturesque. It is extremely safe for swimming plus you get to enjoy a sailing trip around the coast while you get to enjoy lovely meals on board. Nightlife in these resorts is something to look forward to. The entertainment, food and drink are quite amazing. You will find lots of clubs, street bars and cabarets where you can also enjoy some Turkish nights. This will also be a perfect time to sample some Turkish delights and exquisite cuisines.

You can treat yourself to some retail therapy at Dalaman’s wonderful bazaar where you can buy variety of things and souvenirs for your loved ones. Or you can choose to pamper yourself at some of Dalaman’s exotic floras and faunas with fresh air and soothing mud baths. You will find quite a number of them in the district.

You can also visit some of Dalaman’s historical sites, monuments and some archaeology museums. The famous ones are the Ottoman fort and Kaunos archaeological site where you get to see nice artefacts, rock tombs and Roman baths. Or you can choose to visit some of its striking ruins in Fethiye.

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