Make the Most of Your Time on Malta

kids by pool

I truly feel for all those tourist who got stuck on Malta due to the ash cloud. The only consolation I can offer is that, when it comes to the weather, April is the best month of the year to be on Malta and I really hope they’ll make the most of their prolonged stay.

Swimming has always been a popular sporting pastime of the Maltese and, in addition to the numerous great swimming locations around the coast of the island, there are some impressive swimming pools. Earlier this month, hundreds of children came from all over Europe to take part in a swimming training camp and competition which was organised by the Aquatic Sports Association of Malta.

The swimming event, which started on the 8th of April, was part of the larger Malta Rally, a regular event organised by the Malta Tourist Office to welcome international boys and girls to the island to take part in a multi-sports tournament during the Easter school holidays. The event included sports such as football, rugby, netball, hockey, swimming, tennis, golf and basketball. The participants had access to training sessions run by experienced coaches and they had the pleasure to meet other children from local schools and teams. Malta will host a similar event during the October school holidays and many schools and children’s sports club from the UK have already signed up.

Apart from the sports events, there also was a social programme including karaoke, magic, quiz evenings and trips to local attractions around Malta. There was so much going on that one would almost expect that tourists who specifically came to Malta for the Malta Rally haven’t had the opportunity to chill out on the beach. Let’s hope that they use their extra time on the island to make up for this!

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