Malta Birgufest

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Birgu is one of the oldest communities in Malta with a rich past. Being situated at a strategic location in the Grand Harbor, it was considered an ideal location for military as well as maritime activities. Due to this the city remained under foreign control for quite some time in the history, with rulers ranging from the Phoenicians to Romans and Arabs to Aragonese. Reaching Birgu is quite simple by catching flights to Malta, as it is very close to the Malta International Airport.

Your Maltese holiday can become extremely interesting by attending some of the cultural events of Malta. The Birgufest, organized in Birgu is one such event. Started with an intention of promoting tourism in Birgu and highlighting its rich history, the event has gained quite some importance in the recent times.

Birgu by Candlelight is definitely a scene to look out for while attending the Birgufest. During the Candlelight, the streets in the city are lit up using candle lights. The gentle glow of the candles truly brings out the beauty of the historic architecture of the city. Apart from this, different activities organized throughout the fest make it a great way of spending a weekend of your holiday in Malta.

Birgufest is usually scheduled in the month of October, however if you specifically wish to attend the event, you must find out the exact dates from your travel agent or download the schedule from the Birgufest website. The event is divided over a period of three days, normally during weekends including Friday.

Different activities include historic enactments, museum tours at cheaper rates and opening restricted buildings for the public. For instance, for October 2010, there is going to be a historic enactment of Knights Armoury or Reading of the Edict is carried out in different parts of the city. Similarly, there is Life Saving demonstration by the Department of Civil Protection and a parade by Armed Forces of Malta at the Victory Square.

Other events include workshop and demonstration by Dog Trust and Post of Castille scene enactment by floating library vessel Logos Hope. On the second day there is a band display by Jackson Pipe Band, where the musicians play some authentic Maltese music and instruments. The entire weekend is filled with different concerts at the Victory Square along with theatrical performances, parades and marches on different streets of the city.

Though all the events are quite enjoyable, the highlight is truly the Candlelight, organized at the end of the fest on Sunday.

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