Manisa Mesir Festival in Turkey

image of turkey

There is a vast array of different festivals that take place within Turkey and both locals and tourists enjoy these. The name Mesir translates as power gum and this is a combination of forty-one different spices. The Manisa Mesir festival is an annual event that takes place within the resort that is known as Manisa. This annual festival has been celebrated for the past five hundred years and it is actually still one of the popular events within this area. A lot of the tourists that take part in this festival also make use of the regular flights to Turkey.

Hafsa Haftun who was the wife of an Ottoman sultan originally started this festival. This festival was started as a way for people to relax and enjoy some cultural events and this is something that has actually never changed. When this event was first started it actually took quite a while for people to be interested and wanting to take part in the event. Nowadays the locals are thankful for this event as it encourages a lot of tourists to come to the area, which means that the area is able to make a considerable amount of money from this event.

The Mania Mesir festival is designed to connect a range of different people and this event can be a vast amount of fun. This festival incorporates a range of different competitions that are centered on dance and music. Over the years people have come to this event from other countries and they have added their own cultural elements to the festival and this has helped to give the festival a multicultural feeling. When planning a holiday in Turkey it is good idea to incorporate one or more of these festivals, as this will allow people to experience the real culture of the area that they are visiting.

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