Menorca Balearic Islands

Menorca has tons of great sandy beaches. Punta Prima is a beach resort area in the east of the island and it has many restaurants, bars and mini-supermarkets near the sand. Es Grau has beautiful flora all around it and is quiet and serene. Because it’s a grand holiday destination, flythomascook offers flights to Menorca from twelve airports througout the UK.

Cap de Cavalliera is the most northern location on the island and a lovely spot with a gorgeous beach. You can walk around the cliffs at the lighthouse and visit the Roman ruins. There is also a small museum and a charming cafe. You can hear the cicadas chirping while you drink in the chilled out atmosphere.

You can sail here (there are sailing schools all over the island), do water sports, or just relax on the beaches and in the quiet, sandy coves. The water is clear and warm. The beaches themselves tend to be uncrowded.

Menorca is primarily a flat island. But Monte Toro, at over 1,000 feet, is the highest point on the island and a good vantage point for seeing the island and the sea. The summit of this peak is topped by a statue of Christ. There is a pretty little chapel on Mount Toro and a cafe and shop.

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