Old Fortress in Corfu

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The Old Fortress is another popular attraction within the island of Corfu. The island of Corfu is home to vast number of heritage locations and these show a rich cultural heritage. The Old Fortress is one of the main locations that the tourists of Corfu focus on. The Old Fortress has a rich history connected to it and it goes back as far as the sixth century. The fortress is located in an interesting location and it is connected to the town by an iron bridge, which is sixty meters in length. There is an increasing number of people that are coming to the Island and this is mainly due the regular flights to Corfu.

The Goths first fortified the Old Fortress and they had encouraged the entire population to shelter under the two peaks, which are in the nearby location. Between the sixth century and the thirteenth century the Old Fortress protected the entire town. During the fifteenth century the Venetian people took control of the fortress through a siege and they renovated it and constructed bastions and walls around it. The bastions that were built by the Venetian people were considered to be masterpieces within military engineering.

The Old Fortress portrays a small harbour that is known as Mandrocchio and it is located on the northern side of the fortress. This harbour was used by the Venetians as an area to anchor their ships. There is an artificial canal that is known as Contrafosssa and this is close to the fort and works as a sea moat.

The Old Fortress is one of the amazing architectural structures on the island. There is a statue of the field marshal known as Von Schulenberg and it is made from marble and it located on the outside of the fort. The statue was constructed by the Venetians in memory of the General as he played a large part in defending the city.

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