Patara Beach in Dalaman

images of dalaman

Dalaman is a Turkish city and it is situated on the southwestern coast of Turkey. The main airport for Dalaman is situated about six kilometers from the center of the town. There are a lot of flights to Dalaman that come into this airport, as it is the nearest airport for a number of other resorts within Turkey.

Dalaman is an area that is known for its natural beauty and the city is situated between mountains and the seas. This city is located close to a number of different attractions and areas of interest and this includes geographical areas and historical areas. Dalaman is becoming a very popular resort in its own right rather than just a stop over point. Over recent times there has been a degree of investment put into the roads, airport and also there is an element of continuous development within the area. There are a vast number of different attractions within Dalaman and the surrounding area.

Patara beach is one of the biggest and most luxurious beaches within Turkey. Patara beach stretches over eighteen kilometers in length and it is between two hundred and three hundred meters in width. The beach has luxurious soft sand and it has shallow crystal clear waters. This area is quite a common are for turtles to lay their eggs and because of this the beach is protected. The eastern end of the beach is actually quite rocky and it is overlooked by a rocky cove that is spectacular.

Patara beach has been rated as one of the best beaches within the world. This beach is perfect for all the family as it is child friendly. This beach is backed up by ancient ruins and swooping dunes. There are no buildings that are visible apart from a small caf頡t one end of the beach. It is possible to rent umbrellas and sun loungers when you visit this beach.

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