Peek behind the Screens of Florida – Chocolate Factory

Whetstone Chocolate Factory

What surprises most Europeans when they first visit the USA is that “everything is just like it is on TV”. From the shopping malls to the whitened smiles and from the way people talk to the cars they drive, – it all seems terribly familiar, yet “much bigger than I had imagined”. Interestingly, even when it comes to “the making of”, the USA is just like the film industry. Whether you’re into motorbikes, chocolate or designer shoes, you can get a peek behind the scenes of almost anything. If you want to get the feeling you saw and learned something new during your holiday, factory tours are brilliant excursions for you. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll discuss the most fascinating factory tours in Florida. The first one that really whet our appetite is: Whetstone Chocolate Factory.

Ever since Roald Dahl wrote about Charlie’s trip to Willy Wonka’s factory, people have fantasised and wondered about what really goes on in a chocolate factory. As the Whetstone’s Chocolate Factory produces 25,000 pounds of chocolates during every eight-hour shift, this factory in the historic district of St. Augustine is the perfect place to seek answers – and freshly made chocolates!

The famous chocolatiers are enthusiastic to show intrigued tourists how the 500-pound melting vat works, talk about the history and making of chocolate and encourage Visitors to operate one of the robots themselves. The tour also includes a free tasting session, teaching chocoholics to distinguish the characteristics of a wide array of ingredients and blends. If you like what you’ve tasted, of course you will be in the opportunity to stock up on the artisan chocolates in the shop after the tour.

St. Augustine is about 90 miles north of Orlando Sanford International Airport. Flights to Orlando are available from most airports in the UK and take about 10 hours.

What: Whetstone Chocolate Factory Tour

Where: 139 King Street, Saint Augustine, FL 32084

When: From Tuesday through to Saturday

Price: Free

Opening hours shop: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5:30pm, Sunday from 12pm to 5pm

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