Puerto del Carmen Carnival in Lanzarote

image of lanzarote

The Puerto del Carmen Carnival is a time of revelry and riotous fun and this creates the perfect reason to escape the routine, which is normally followed on a daily basis. This is also a good time to get rid of the daily attire and enjoy some fun. There is a lot of tourists that make the most of the cheap flights to Lanzarote in order to take part in this carnival. This carnival normally starts on Shrove Tuesday. The things that happen as part of this festival varies depending on the individual municipalities, as the activities will vary based on their culture and heritage.

The Puerto del Carmen Carnival has been devised as being a celebration for the public and it takes place just before Christian Lent and this is a date that will vary from year to year. This date can vary from the late part of January to the early part of March. This festival combines a number of elements that make this event simply unmistakable as it features a range of parades, festivities and costumes, which can be seen on the streets within this area. During the year there are some other festivals that take place within this area and a lot of these can be classed as big events, therefore it is worth planning a holiday within this resort around the time of the festivals.

Puerto de Carmen Carnival is the biggest party that takes part on the island of Lanzarote. This festival attracts thousands of people every year. There are a lot of tourists that plan their winter holiday around this event so that they can join in with the festivities. The main procession that is part of this festival features floats and a collection of bands of batacuda drums, which make their way along the streets.

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