Storms Force Tenerife Events To Be Postponed

storm sky panorama

Everyone is asking when the severe winter weather in the UK, the harshest for the past 30 years, is finally going to let up. But the UK shouldn’t feel too bad, because there are plenty of other European countries that have experienced equally poor weather. Countries like Belgium and Germany have also been suffering under very cold, wet and snowy conditions for several weeks now.

During January, Germany was brought to a standstill by storm “Daisy”, which closed airports, caused thousands of road accidents and cut off villages for several days. Even in countries where mild winter weather is the norm, conditions were untypically cold. Parts of Mallorca were covered in snow during February, the Algarve was deluged by rain storms and in the Canaries, more storms forced authorities to put on hold some carnival events during February.

In Tenerife on 17th February, predictions of a severe storm put emergency response teams on standby and the final events of the annual carnival in Santa Cruz were postponed for several days. The Burial of the Sardine ceremony was delayed until the end of the week, and the fireworks display and end-of-carnival-party in the Plaza de la Candelaria were both cancelled. Other events on Tenerife in Los Realejos and La Orotava also had to be rescheduled. As it turned out, the storm continued for longer than expected causing airports to suspend flights and forcing ferries to return to port. In fact, the weather was bad enough to close all the island’s school and universities.

Fortunately, bad weather doesn’t hang around for long on Tenerife and one week later the milder, drier weather had already returned. From March onwards, Tenerife experiences daytime average temperatures of above 20 degrees Celsius right through to December.

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