Sultanahmet Camii in Turkey

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The Sultanahmet Camii is the Turkish name for the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. This mosque is a historical mosque within Istanbul in Turkey. Istanbul is the capital city of Turkey and it was also the Ottoman Empire capital from 1453 until 1923. This mosque is very popular with tourists from all across the world you enjoy the cheap flights to Turkey.

The building work on this mosque start during 1609 and it was finished during 1616. This building work took place whilst the area was under the rule of Ahmed the first. Like a lot of other mosques this building consists of a tomb, a madrasah and also a hospice. This building is still used as a mosque and it is a popular attraction for tourists.

The architecture within this mosque has been built over a couple of centuries and this is reflected in the building. This building incorporates some elements of the Hagia Sophia and the traditional architecture of Islamic culture. This mosque is considered to be one of the best of the classical period.

This mosque is built around a spacious courtyard and this has been built in much the same manner as the Suleymaniye Mosque that is apart from the turrets, which are located on the corner of the domes. The courtyard is almost as large as the actual mosque.

The courtyard is home to a hexagonal fountain, which is in small contrast compared to the size of the courtyard. The gateway to the courtyard is monumental but it is also rather narrow and it stands out from the other architecture. There is heavy chains made from iron that hang from the upper part of the entrance to the courtyard and these are on the western side. It was only ever the Sultan who was allowed to enter through the courtyard on horseback and this is why the chains were placed here.

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