Beaches in Monastir

image of monastir

Monastir in Tunisia is a popular tourist destination for people from all across the world. There are a lot of flights to Monastir that means that people can make the most of air travel when visiting this area. Tunisia has a number of very attractive beaches and these are located in the south, east and also in the north. These beaches are the perfect place…

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enter to the world of silence

rooftop cityscape view of Larnaca Cyprus hotels condos apartments offices

Mythology is among the popular interest of various people. It never ceases to amaze anyone taking these noted gods and goddesses in terms of their feature, talents, physical attributes and history. One of the prominent places inclined for visits in relation to those mythical creatures is Cyprus, Paphos.

The wonderful place of Cyprus is beautiful…

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Religious Pageantry in Tinos

Tinos, Greece

The small Cycladic island of Tinos is home to a very special icon. The icon of the Virgin Mary, founded by the nun Pelagia in 1922, is homed in a spectacular neoclassical church called Our Lady of Tinos. It is believed that the nun found the icon as she was directed by the Virgin Mary herself in a dream. Our Lady of Tinos is not only attributed to have performed…

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The Caves of Kefalonia

The lighthouse near Agostoli

In the south, the tiny village of Fiskardo is a wonderful place to stay, with its Venetian lighthouse welcoming ships and boats in its pretty port. Fiskardo was founded by a French crusader back in the 11th century. The Venetian theme is carried through the houses on the waterfront here as they have lots of Venetian architectural touches. The town centre is pedestrianised and…

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Grand Prix in Istanbul

Turkish Grand Prix 2010

This year is the sixth time that the Grand Prix takes place in Istanbul and boosts the sale of flights to Turkey. This year, F1 fans can see Button on his favourite track. “Turn Eight is one of the best corners in Formula One,” Button said in an interview earlier this month. “It feels fantastic when you throw the car into the first…

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