Sardine festival in Faro

Algarve fishing boat

The Algarve is famous for its excellent seafood cuisine. This remarkable attraction can be tied to the long stretches of seashore and harbours dotting the whole region, which contribute to the richness and beauty of Algarve. The area shows off its qualities during the Sardine festival in Faro. Every year, there is an influx of visitors and flights to Faro because of this summer festival,…

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Paving the way to becoming European Capital of Culture

las palmas cathedral La Seu III

The capital of the Canary Islands, Las Palmas, plays host to the International Festival of Theatre, Music and Dance. The festival is in its fourteenth edition from 8 July to 14 August and has been gaining in strength and recognition every year. Las Palmas is a candidate for the prestigious award of European Capital of Culture for 2016,…

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Virgin de Candelaria, patron of the Canary Islands

famous Guanche statues on the shore of Tenerife

Considered one of the major fiestas in Tenerife, the Festival of the Virgin de Candelaria, the patron of the Canary Islands, occurs every year on August 15th, and the festivities are attended by over two million visitors annually.

Candelaria, located on Tenerife within the Canary Islands, is a suburban area of the Santa Cruz City…

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Celebrate ancient wine from Cyprus

Valley in Cyprus

If you’re in Cyprus between the 26th of July and the 1st of August this summer, the Koumandaria Festival may be worth attending. The locals of the Kourris Valley, one of Cyprus’ better known wine producing areas near Paphos, celebrates the wine called Koumandaria with this annual festival. You are guaranteed to fall in love with this sweet, amber-coloured dessert wine. The main participating villages are Alassa,…

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Paradise Jazz in Cyprus

Image of the Cyprus coast

Pomos is a small village on the north west coast of Cyprus about 40 miles north of Paphos. Because it’s such a small village with only a tiny harbour giving shelter to just a few fishing boats, it’s surprising that Pomos is home to jazz festival, but during September this year the coastal town puts on several jazz concerts as part of the Paradise…

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