Viral videos from Turkey

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Going on a holiday is very exciting, and many people enjoy the anticipation even more by reading a travel guide about their destination before leaving off. Unfortunately, these days not everybody has the time to read all the books they’d like to read. There are other, less time consuming ways to get in the mood such as sampling those elements of the exotic cuisine that have reached our…

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Travelling light with toddlers

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There are many reasons for travelling light: it’s easier, cheaper and better for the environment than bringing excess luggage on the plane. When you book a flight, you are allowed to bring one piece of hand baggage no bigger than 43cm x 28cm x 23 cm and 5kg in weight per person, mobility equipment and children’s pushchairs. When you book short haul flights such as Read More

Beaches in Dalaman

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There is an increasing volume of tourists who are coming to Dalaman and a lot of these tourists are enjoying the cheap flights to Dalaman. This area has a vast array of things for people to do and see; therefore there are things for everyone regardless of age, taste and interests.

The marina within Dalaman is very popular with tourists that have an interest in boats…

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Medano Beach in Tenerife

image of tenerife

There are a lot of people that enjoy cheap regular flights to Tenerife in the hope of relaxing in the sun on a luxurious sandy beach. One of the most popular beaches within Tenerife is Medano Beach and this has a vast stretch of golden sand and on the horizon across the beach are the mountains, which shimmer in the heat of the sun. This beach…

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Madeira Botanic Gardens in Funchal

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The botanic gardens in Madeira have become one of the most treasured attractions within the Madeira. This attraction is one of the famous attractions. These botanic gardens cover an area of about eighty thousand square meters. The collection within the gardens includes more than two thousand five hundred different species of plant. This attraction is very popular with tourist and a lot of these people take advantage…

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