To Tip, Or Not To Tip?

tip restaurant

To tip, or not to tip? That is always a difficult holiday question. With cultures varying so widely around the world, it can be difficult to know what’s expected from you. In Egypt, there is little ambiguity. Whilst tipping isn’t compulsory, it will definitely be appreciated – and you will get better service in the long run if you do tip. As flights to Sharm el Sheik are…

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Halikarnas Disco: Probably the World’s Best Club

night club

As sleepy fishing boats return to the shelter of Bodrum Harbour and the Sun dips down beyond the calm Mediterranean Sea, Turkey’s second biggest party city unleashes its wild side. And, of all the hundreds of bars, pubs and clubs Bodrum has to offer, nowhere kicks-off as spectacularly as the Halikarnas Disco. Towering above the harbour, this palm tree decked, coliseum-esque super club is certainly the most vibrant…

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Locals about Portugal: He who warns you is a friend

faro lagoon

After the great success of Locals about Greece, the Flythomascook team decided to gather a panel of seven Portuguese men and three Portuguese women and ask them the same questions about their country, culture and cuisine.

The most popular words to describe Portugal were sunny, beautiful, small, historic and welcoming – fabulous ingredients for a superb holiday if you’re asking us! If you’re especially interested in the countryside, the…

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Tenerife a must-see in Spain

tenerife beach

Ask most people where they’ve been to in the Canary Islands and the chances are they’ll say Tenerife. The largest of the Islands, Tenerife is a perennial favourite with UK travellers, offering a tantalising mix of quality beach resorts, a lush interior full of unique flora and fauna, deserts, volcanoes and sleepy villages. Tenerife manages to package everything into one island, and with flights to Tenerife plentiful from…

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The place to head for in Portugal: Faro

Faro Beach

Faro’s club scene is the stuff of legends, with a reputation for being the place to head for in Portugal if you want to party long and hard into the night. But travellers who use Faro as a base to explore the more remote areas of the Algarve in the off-season will experience much more of the real Portugal – a relaxed, easy going way of life that in the…

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