National Ethnographical Museum in burgas

image of Burgas

The National Ethnographical Museum is part of the National Museum and it was founded during 1892. During 1906 this museum became an independent museum and it is home to collection of traditional Bulgarian suits, crafts, decoration, woven and musical instruments. A lot of the tourists that visit this area take advantage of the regular flights to Burgas.

The National Ethnographical Museum is spread over two…

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Burgas Beach in Bulgaria

image of Burgas

The city of Burgas is the fourth largest in the country of Bulgaria. Burgas is also the fourth largest port within the Black Sea. Burgas is a very lively but compact city. This city features pedestrianised boulevards and there is also a number of outdoor cafes, which give a distinct Mediterranean feeling. This city is a superb location to use as a base for exploring the…

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River Gambia National Park in Banjul

image of banjul

Gambia is a country that is located in western Africa and it is the smallest area on the mainland of Africa. There is a lot of flights to Banjul therefore it is possible for people to take advantage of air travel when visiting this area. The city of Banjul is the capital city of Gambia. The city of Banjul is located on the island that is…

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St Georges Castle in Kefalonia

image of kefalonia

Kefalonia is a huge island that has dramatic and diverse scenery. It has several scenic inlets and bays. The island also consists of a fascinating history characterized by many archaeological finds from the Mycenaean era. You can reach Kefalonia by air and flights to Kefalonia are quite regular too. It also consists of a castle from the Byzantine epoch. This castle is known as St. Georges…

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Al Hijra in Sharm

image of sharm

When taking a holiday at Sharm its always great to be involved with the local customs and feel as if you were a part of this town. Sharm is indeed a very popular holiday destination that is accessible by air. You can book your flights to Sharm if you want to attend the Islamic New Year here and explore how they celebrate it.

Like several…

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