Holiday Piercing Checklist – how to make the right decision


A cool lip stud, bling belly button ring, subtle diamond nose piercing or an eyebrow barbell… being abroad can be the perfect setting for getting that piercing you’ve been dreaming of for years. It will make both your trip and the piercing more memorable, and when you’re relaxed, tanned and feel good about yourself, you don’t need to worry that you might end up regretting your decision because “you’re not a…

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Viral videos from Turkey

view turkey

Going on a holiday is very exciting, and many people enjoy the anticipation even more by reading a travel guide about their destination before leaving off. Unfortunately, these days not everybody has the time to read all the books they’d like to read. There are other, less time consuming ways to get in the mood such as sampling those elements of the exotic cuisine that have reached our…

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Travelling light with toddlers

travel with toddlers

There are many reasons for travelling light: it’s easier, cheaper and better for the environment than bringing excess luggage on the plane. When you book a flight, you are allowed to bring one piece of hand baggage no bigger than 43cm x 28cm x 23 cm and 5kg in weight per person, mobility equipment and children’s pushchairs. When you book short haul flights such as Read More

Dining Out in Antalya

image of antalya

There is a vast amount of places within Antalya where people are able to enjoy dining out. There are a lot of tourists that enjoy dining out in this area and they also make the most of the frequent flights to Antalya. It is true to say that Turkish cuisine is amongst the best cuisine anywhere in the world, however this is alongside Cantonese and French cuisine….

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Prado Museum in Spain

image of spain

The Prado Museum is located in Madrid, which is the capital of Spain. This museum is home to a vast collection of artwork that was crafted by Fernando the seventh and other royalty members. The Prado Museum is one of the only museums that will allow the visitors to take no flash photograph of the collection that is within the museum. This museum is open six days a…

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