Thomas Cook’s guide to Europe’s best cycling destinations for National Bike Week

Not everyone wants to lounge in a deckchair for the duration of their holiday and with National Bike Week upon us (14-22nd June) check out Thomas Cook’s guide to top destinations guaranteed to keep your pedals moving.


The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range forming the northern backbone of Majorca is a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts providing trails suitable for both cyclists and mountain bike enthusiasts. The island’s roads…

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“God could not be everywhere so he created mothers”


This Jewish proverb summarizes beautifully how important motherhood is for the Jewish and Christian tradition. It’s to be expected that a culture that regards mums so highly has a special day to celebrate them: the 4th Sunday in Lent, better known as Mothering Sunday. Though it’s originally a Christian festival, people of the most varied backgrounds are keen to join in on this tradition because, as Thackery put it: “Mother is…

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Tenerife’s top 5 photogenic sites


Our latest competition showed that travel photography truly is a hot item – but we were surprised to see that the Canaries didn’t score particularly high in the list of photographed destinations. That’s why we thought it might be inspiring for photographers who have booked flights to Tenerife to present them with a quick guide to the island’s most photogenic places.

1. Mount Teide

Jaw dropping pictures are guaranteed if you visit…

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Paphos: Best kept secrets of Archeology

paphos castle

When people think of great archaeological sites to visit, their minds usually turn to Rome or Athens first. However, our ancestors left their mark in many ways and many places around the world. Especially the city of Paphos, on the island of Cyprus, is increasingly being heralded as an archaeological treasure trove. Formally classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1980, Paphos is not only loved by…

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Three Reasons To Go To Paphos This Winter

aphrodite rock

Paphos is one of Cyprus’ most ancient towns and the backdrop of many a dream holiday because of its beautiful coastline and diverse landscape.Flights to Paphos only take four and a half hours, making it an easy get away from the UK. Here’s our top 3 reasons to visit this dream destination this winter.

1. Culture: Aphrodite’s Rock

Phaphos is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site due to its beautiful…

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