Tenerife’s top 5 photogenic sites


Our latest competition showed that travel photography truly is a hot item – but we were surprised to see that the Canaries didn’t score particularly high in the list of photographed destinations. That’s why we thought it might be inspiring for photographers who have booked flights to Tenerife to present them with a quick guide to the island’s most photogenic places.

1. Mount Teide

Jaw dropping pictures are guaranteed if you visit Mount Teide, the third biggest volcano in the world. It’s hard to find a spot of Tenerife where you can’t see this volcano at the heart of Teide National Park. The closer to the top you get, the more amazing the view gets, with peculiar rock formations, Volcano Pico Viejo and its 800 metre crater.

2. Loro Parque, Puerto de la Cruz

A trip to this theme park will allow you to shoot over 4000 colourful parrots of 350 species, a bunch of exotic penguins, dolphins, gorillas, tigers, chimpanzees and four orcas – with your camera, of course.

3. The Thousand-Year-Old Dragon

If you’ve got a talent for photographing nature, it’s worth travelling to the picturesque village Icod de los Vinos as this west coast village is home to something very special: El Drago Milenario (literally: the 1000-year-old dragon) – a 22 metre high, 10 metre wide dragon tree.

4. Whales in the wild

There are permanent pods of dolphins and whales living very close to the south-coast Tenerife, which makes this one of the best locations in the world for watching marine mammals in the wild. There are up to twenty-one different species, including bottlenose dolphins, colossal blue whales, orcas and pilot whales. Dolphins and whales are spotted near the south-west coast of Tenerife almost every day of the year. To increase your exposure to these magical creatures even more, you can embark on a whale watching boat trip.

5. Castillo o Torre de San Andres

This castle in San Andres was built to defend the village from pirate attacks and is a must for budding photographers with an eye for ancient architecture.

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